Sunday, December 28, 2008

Missoula, Montana

So, I am finally awake and rejuvenated after the crazy semester. I've been here in Missoula, Montana for the past several days celebrating the holidays with Zac and his family. Every single member of his family has been truly welcoming, loving, and all-around wonderful.

Today, Zac and I decided to brave the weather and go skiing at Snow Bowl, about 20 minutes outside of Missoula. When we left it was around 40 degrees and raining, but when we got the resort it was 20 degrees and snowing! Arg...lets just say it did not make for a great skiing day. The bad weather, combined with my painful ski boots and foggy glasses made for a miserable experience. I did one run, which was the longest run in the place, 3 miles, and was done. Finito. I left Zac for the lodge while he went and skied. About 30 minutes later, whilst I was warming myself at their far too small fire, Zac came in saying that the conditions over the top were really bad and that he wanted to go home too. So much for a ski day....

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