Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day One...Welcome to My Life!

Well, I guess all I can really say is hello. I've been interested in the whole blogging phenomenon for years and I finally decided that it was high time to start my own. I guess this is pretty good timing considering it is the holidays and the whole New Year's Resolutions thing is coming up soon. Hrm. I figure, even if no one else reads what I have to say, at least I can chronicle what I'm thinking so that somewhere down the line I will be able to come back to this very moment and have a brief glimpse into what was going in in my life at the time.

Right now I am seriously stressed out due to the darn holidays. Having gone back to school this fall after having made many stupid, stupid financial decisions over the years, I have found myself quite broke and "moochy" as my boyfriend calls it and unable to procure a plane ticket for myself to Missoula, Montana where Zac (said boyfriend) will be for Christmas and New Years. Not only does this in and of itself seriously suck, but this will potentially be the SECOND year in a row that Zac and I will be apart for the holidays. I don't know about you, but being alone during the holidays is seemingly one of the most depressing prospects ever. I guess it really is my fault for not having saved up for the damn ticket, but still. I am not happy about it. Mopesville here I come.

I investigated all of my flight, rail, and bus options for this trip but all are far too pricey for me. I suppose I could rent a car, but it would still cost me $400 + gas!!! Ouch!!! If my car weren't in such bad shape I would drive it in a heartbeat. Gotta love road trips...I suspect, however, that I will decide in the end that being alone for the second year in a row is just simply not worth it and that risking breaking down in the middle of a snow storm in a car with bad breaks and an exhaust leak just might be worth it. After all, aren't the holidays the time to be with the people you love?

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