Thursday, December 18, 2008

Emergency Room Scribe Interview

So, two weeks ago I sent in my resume for an ER Scribe position at Seton Hospital in Daly City, not really knowing what it was. I thought, "Hey, it is advertised to the Post Bacs and SF State, and you get to work directly with physicians and patients! Awesome!." I didn't hear anything back until yesterday, when I got a phone call from the recruiter saying that my resume shows that I have the experience and background that lends itself to success in the position! Woo Hoo!! We talked for a few moments about the job and she said that she would like to give me a phone interview today at 3pm. We said our goodbyes, and now here I am...1 hour and 50 seconds away from the interview.

I figured that I should probably do some research about said position so that I fully knew exactly what is was that I was interviewing for. Horrible grammar I know....Anyway, after reading a few articles online, I am convinced that this job would be great for me! Not only would I get to work with the physicians directly, writing down their every word and treatment plan, but I would get to see how the ER actually works and how all of the different players interact. Talk about the perfect way to observe how the healthcare system actually works. Every day would be different and interesting, depending on the kinds of cases that came in. Apparantely, on the slow days, I would get to do some filing and lab report look ups, and all of that. Basically, I would do anything that I could to ensure that the physician had the most amount of time to spend with each patient. Truly a rewarding experience!

I am going to go research some more and think about exactly why I want to do this job so that I can ace my interview. ...Oh how I hope that this goes my way....


  1. Hi there! This may seem strange, but I'm very interested in the scribe program you applied for. I was actually an ER scribe myself for a year at Tri City Medical Center in Oceanside. Is this particular scribe program through the hospital itself or through an independent company? I'd really love to get some more information about it. I stumbled across your blog online doing some medical school research - I'm a post bac pre-med as well :) I'd love it if you shot me a quick email with a little information about the program. - I'd sincerely appreciate it :) Thanks so much and take care!

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  3. Awesome! I just applied for the same position yesterday here in Tampa, FL at a local hospital. I actually just graduated on the 6th and I would love this position. I'm trying my best to prepare ahead of time just in case I do get a call back if I match their needs. Any update on how your interview went, what they asked. I'm planning on applying to medical school as well and I believe this job would be wonderful before medical school. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated :)

  4. Hello, i currently have been looking for a scribe position..please update with any info if possible.